Photography is one of my favorite and oldest hobbies.
I started, like many others, at school. I have been photographing while traveling and on business trips, photographing landscapes and genre scenes. I really love unstaged “live” portraits, when a person comes out most naturally and “openly.” It’s nice to hear from friends, acquaintances and even strangers that they “turn out well” in my photographs, although they previously considered themselves unphotogenic.

In addition to photographing “for myself,” I have experience in wedding, family, studio work and creating photo books. I take photo reports from various events and activities, both on request and just for fun. My works were published in various photo-magazines.
In 2010, my photograph “Chinese Letter” took 1st place in the photo competition “In the East of the Capital”.

For processing and color correction I use licensed software Adobe Photoshop Ligthroom

I live in Maribor, Slovenia, I'm sure we will work together!

Lev Teverovskiy